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The Government legislated the National Credit Act on the 1st of June 2006 to promote an effective, accessible and fair credit market to protect the consumer from reckless lending and over-indebtness.




Debt Solutions You Can Trust -

In an effort to find a debt solution for your outstanding personal debt, you generally have five debt solutions to choose from. Consumer Relief recognises making a decision can be tough. Our Debt Councillors are here to educate you and help you make smart decisions that are in your best interest, every step of the way. Take a look and compare the debt solutions that are available to you.

Debt Solution #1 - Debt Counselling / Review

In terms of the New National Credit Act (NCA) you may formally apply to a Debt Councillor for debt relief if you are unable to meet your monthly financial obligations and commitments. Whilst your Debt Counsellor determines and processes your application, your creditors will not be able to take legal action against you or repossess any of your assets. Monthly installments that you were supposed to pay will cease, whilst your Debt Counsellor restructures your debt at an installment that is affordable to you.

Debt Solution #2 - Debt Consolidation

Borrowing money to pay off borrowed money doesn't make sense. A debt consolidation loan works the same way. Essentially, a lending institution will provide a homeowner with a home equity loan that will help "consolidate" his or her outstanding debts into one monthly payment. The homeowner can benefit from a lower overall interest rate and tax break; however, many consumers' financial situations worsen at this time, causing them to unfortunately lose their home.

Debt Solution #3 - Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement also known as debt negotiation involves a personalised plan that effectively enables a debt settlement negotiator to negotiate a compromise with creditors to settle unsecured debts. Once the creditor and debt settlement negotiator agree on a reduced balance it will be viewed as payment in full and final settlement. Debt settlement has become a viable alternative for hundreds of consumers across the country and is a viable alternative.

Debt Solution #4 – Administration Order

Administration Order is commonly known as insolvency of small estates with a threshold of R50 000.00, it is properly defined to assist a debtor over a period of financial embarrassment.

Debt Solution #5 - Don't Pay Your Debt 

Many choose to live with their debt and ignore their growing financial problems, but their life will never change. In fact, debt is not a stagnant problem - debt continues to multiply, hence your Creditors will likely obtain Judgement against you to attach your assets or attach a portion of your Salary. To make a change in your life, you must take the proper actions.


Employee debt is on the rise and has a negative impact on a company’s productivity, largely due to employee absenteeism, fraud, theft and competency. It is crucial that companies assist their employees to manage their finances more effectively to prevent further losses to fraud, theft and absenteeism.

Common signs of Employees who are in financial trouble:

·        Regularly absent or late for duty.

·        Low productivity due to fatigue and stress.

·        Regularly requesting advances on salary

·        Regularly sick and ill (Suffering from headaches, ulcers, insomnia, depression etc.)

·        Alcohol and drug abuse

Consumer Relief can assist in the rehabilitation and restructuring to all over indebted employees. Rescheduled payments will be reduced to ensure that your employees have sufficient disposable income left over to meet his/her basic monthly living obligations and expenses, as a result thereof their focus is shifted back at the job in hand, hence an increase to the Company’s production.

FEE STRUCTURE – DEBT REVIEW (All fees are governed by the NCR)

Our fees vary from R800.00 (Excl Vat) to a maximum of R3 000.00 (Excl Vat) per individual application, each matter is different from person to person and depending upon the complexity of your matter fees will vary. Kindly note that all fees will be quoted to you in advance and only once your approval is obtained and received will we commence work on your behalf, this will give you complete peace of mind and the utmost confidence in our services.


1)      Identity Document

2)      Latest Salary Advise

3)      Creditor statement of accounts

4)      Credit Agreements – (If available)

5)      Two months Bank statements

6)      Marriage Certificate – (If married)

7)      List of Monthly living Expenses.